Thursday, October 17, 2013

We Live in a Country where......

Our Happy 10th Anniversary Amani Baby Cottage picture. We had a grand day celebrating God's faithfulness! Our family is blessed to be in Jinja Uganda and would like to share a line or two about life here. We would love it if you would come experience opportunities with are most welcome to visit, just make sure you bring yellow corn tortillas and root beer :)

……where “I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder”.
……where we hear monkeys chattering and climbing on our roof and in our trees.
……where we are FAR from most family and friends, but we have been blessed by family and friends that are here.
……where power outages are expected.
……that is tropical.
......where getting to work in a thunderstorm is nearly impossible due to mud and bad roads.
……where making coffee by boiling water on the cooker is not an inconvenience.
……where the windows are open until the wind blows in rain.
……where we can love on children and babies anytime during the night and day.
……where cereal can cost $7 a box.
……where berries and grapes are rare and costly.
……where pancake syrup and other items we are used to having, may not be on the shelf.
……where internet is our communication to our family and friends not with us.
……where they are two seasons, rainy and dry.
……where we get the opportunity to see parents with their adopted child, walk through pain and grief with them while waiting on court, passport, etc. and then rejoice in the “going home”.
……where men guard our yard, house and gate both day and night.
……where we are blessed to have someone do most of the laundry, cleaning, and cooking so that we can be with the children and their families.
……where we can worship, rejoice, pray, speak the Word of God, and display any Christianity principles without condemnation or recourse.
……where our children can learn about their heritage and be taught the heritage of the Lord.
......where laughter, dancing and singing proclaim that God is good!
……where we have been blessed to come and live.

Monday, July 29, 2013

David and Courtney

There are so many books, speakers, articles, seminars etc about adoption. Most agencies require adopting parents to take classes on line or other places, to be prepared. Especially when adopting internationally, there are many things we take for granted that are so new and sometimes surprising to our adopted children. I remember when our little Ugandan ones were very young and were afraid of a sprinkler sound....probably something I would not have noticed had they not cried when the twisting sprinkler turned on and sprayed with a sound.

Preparing for adoption is a good thing. We just had our 8th anniversary of adopting David and Courtney....July 22, 2005, they became Nuttalls. Each year we do something special to celebrate. We have had a special dinner, gifts, circus tickets, movies, etc. This year, I asked the children what they would like to do to remember 8 wonderful years. They both answered that they would like to go to the hospital where they were before coming to Amani. Like I said earlier, preparing is a good thing, but I wasn't prepared for that answer, nor was I especially wanting to  go there. I didn't know about my emotions or their reactions when visiting such a place. We really weren't sure about going.

Well, God knew. He knew that we needed to go and here is His story......A couple from our church stayed with us for week some time back. They are precious and we loved having them in our home. Then, we discovered that the lady's mom is the social worker at that particular hospital. We told her about David and Courtney being there before coming to Amani and their desire to visit. She arranged the visit with her mom....the one who has sent babies to Amani Baby Cottage. After arriving in her office and exchanging greetings, she looked for David's file. When it was located, she let him read it. Ok, here is where MY emotions were beginning to waver. He read about the gate where he was was different than what we had previously known. As we left the hospital that day, our friend pointed out to us where that particular place is. David was all was important to him. God knew what David needed to know and provided a safe. loving way for him. We are so grateful for David's heart and God's blessing on him.

Then, after reading David's report, it was time to look for Courtney's file. We knew she had been in this hospital for some time before going to Amani. As the social worker read the report, she exclaimed "OH, not only is Courtney a part of our tribe, she is also part of our clan!" Now, the tears began to flow. There was information we hadn't disclosed yet and was waiting for the right time. I don't think this blog is the place nor is it time to  pass on all that information, but what we want you to know is this: God planned that day. He put that couple in our lives, He led us to that social worker, and He showed Courtney that He knew her beginning and her today. Both of the children were not ready to see the ward where they spent time, that will come another day. But, we are so thankful to the Lord for opening doors, showing David a place, and giving Courtney a piece of identity.

Are you waiting for a door to open? I wasn't ready nor prepared for that particular door.Our biological children and grandchildren have blessed us so immensely and now our hearts have been opened and stretched even wider.  God has done so much for us in the past 8 years with these two children. I pray that if you are even "considering" adoption, pray pray pray and then ACT. God will bring such joy into your lives with this obedience. Some people told us we were crazy... "at YOUR age?" "international?" "starting over?" Yes, yes and yes! Would we do it again? Just look at our lives now and you won't even need me to answer. We are so grateful for what the Lord has done!

Courtney, Faith (the Social Worker and mother of our friend), David at Mulago Hospital Kampala Uganda

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


2003 + 10 years = Amani Baby Cottage will mark 10 years of God's faithfulness!! We are planning  a celebration on October 6, 2013!!! We invite all past volunteers, adopted families, supporters, donors, etc etc etc. An exciting day for all of us, including our precious children.

2003 + 10 years = David Ngobi Nuttall made 10 years on June 19!!!!! He was a very happy, blessed boy on his birthday. Gifts from family and friends in America and here in Uganda, a party complete with a scavenger hunt (our young lady volunteers can be quite competitive), and a spider man cake made by our blessing, Mary.

April 4, 2012 + 15 months = July 4, 2013   The time we have been here in Uganda. The days are going quickly. There are times when we miss home so much....holidays and birthdays being the hardest......yet we know that God has called us here. We love the city, we love the children, we love that the Lord can use us here. Today, we met a friend from San Antonio Texas USA!!!! We have known him and his family so many years, what a blessing to meet "home" here in Uganda!! (and he brought cheez-its, one box each, FAMILY size, for David and Courtney!!) Thank you Daniel Gertson!!

Today + Tomorrow = How many more months are we here in Uganda? The answer to that addition fact lies in HIS hands, HIS plans, and HIS heart. We are open to what God has in store for our family. We do pray that a visit home in 2014 will help determine the answer to that equation. Meanwhile, we just enjoy the first part of the mathematical sentence "Today". Blessings to all of you that read, support, pray and love us. We so enjoy hearing from you, even "newsy" letters about your families are so encouraging. Thank you!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mary is a guest writer instead of David today


I’m on an AFRICAN road
Going to a village, I don’t know where.
We are visiting a child from Amani,
He has been reunited with his family there.

The roads can look all the same,
Especially from a visitor’s point of view.
Red dirt, pot holes, bumps and people
But they all lead to life…they really do.

Life is everywhere in AFRICA
Even behind dense trees.
A road that seems to go no where
Opens to a village we see.

To tell what I see in a village,
Is not what you’d expect me to say.
Sure there are goats, chickens, cattle, crops,
Vehicles and people on their way.

But what I see in a village is more than meets the eye,
It’s what I feel and see with my heart.
I’m given a greeting, a welcome and a place to sit,
I am so thankful that today I have a part.

The road turned and turned and turned again,
No one would find us here.
The car can go no further,
The rest of the way we walked, oh dear!

The children stare at me
Maybe they’ve never seen white.
I love this country so much,
Sometimes I forget their fright.

A smile, a “how are you?”
And their fear goes away.
They are friendly and talk a LOT
Even though I don’t know what they say!

The hills surrounding the village are beautiful, breathtaking and bountiful.
My camera can’t capture the beauty of the land.
Some people live in houses with glass-paned windows,
Others in shelters of sticks and mud, made by hand.

Then we say good bye and enter the main road,
Leaving the village behind.
The way home is clearer now,
It seems shorter in my mind.

How thankful I am for each new experience,
God opens the eyes of my heart.
I see how much He care for us…
His world, His people, HIS HEART.







Saturday, March 23, 2013

David's family story continues......

...continuing from David's recent blog


the Nuttall Family story continues at Amani Baby Cottage.









Monday, March 11, 2013

David's blog

The Life of the Nuttall Family Story

Ones a pone a time there family who heard the LORD call them
to Africa to build Amani Baby Cottage. So, Dustin Mary Kirby Courtney David got on the plane. I Watched movies and when we got to London I got to see Big Ben and when we got to Africa we had a bat in the house and that how it all started. This is a true story  by David Ngobi Nuttall

Thursday, January 24, 2013

An Envelope...with a note

"On the last day of the Feast, Jesus stood and said in a loud voice,'If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in Me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.' By this He meant the Spirit, whom those who believed in Him were later to receive." John 7:37-39

This picture was taken at a beautiful rapids in Uganda. This country never ceases to amaze me as the beauty of God's creation is displayed. I love water falls. I love "looking" at the rapids, NOT riding them, thank you! I love the powerful sound.....I always wondered in awe at how God created powerful, loud waterfalls for His pleasure, there to flow even if no man ever discovered them. My heart is feeling a bit like this rapid, beautiful power right now.

Let me explain: several years ago when Dustin was laid off from 13 years at a company, we hit some hard times. These were "lean" times, but God showed us His faithful provision. Dustin was working for family out of state and I would be concerned about the next bill to be paid, the food to buy, and keeping two young growing children clothes. There were days that I literally cried out to Him for His help. Then, I would go out the front door and there would be an envelope there...with money inside and sometimes a note. The amount would be just what we needed. Sometimes, a dear friend would give us a gift of money and say "The Lord put you on my heart." Sometimes, friends would take us to lunch. Well, that sounds good, but that was 3 years ago that Dustin was laid off and now we should be settled because we have moved, right?

Well, living strictly on support is not being "settled". It is trusting God, listening to wisdom, waiting for His provision. The past few weeks have been difficult for us emotionally as a family. The first Christmas ever for us to be apart from our oldest daughter and her family, and our oldest son. It was ok on Christmas Day because my sister and her husband were here and we dined out with quite a few friends, our Amani family, and Danyne(my niece)'s family. We had a great celebration time, a blessed day. But after the New Year began and the holiday season began to slow down, we missed "home".  There were days I would cry, some days that both children would cry, and Dustin was so weary from working hard on the new babies home. We moved into the new place on December 4, 2012 and his hard work has paid off, it is a great place.

Now, Dustin is not the only one working. There are volunteers here daily. They hold babies, teach preschool with me, help with laundry(you have NO idea how much laundry), play the children and just love, love, love them. These serving hearts are invaluable to Amani Baby Cottage. Some are here for a few weeks, some for a few months, and some long-term like us. They have painted, cleaned, sorted, dug, built and made Amani a beautiful place for children. There is a team coming soon to build an outdoor playground! We are blessed by the volunteers. So, Dustin has had help, but he has been on sight for months, taking no time to rest. I have begun teaching preschool. We have children of our own that we home school. There are families adopting that I have the responsibility and privilege of walking through the process when they arrive here in Uganda. WE HAVE BEEN BUSY!!

My heart's desire was to have a time away, a mini-vacation, but we simply could not afford such a luxury. Our rent is due, we pay 6 months at a time, and no money is available for anything "extra". My heart was heavy with missing family, Dustin is physically tired, and the children have been such troopers with all that has been going on, but they are missing their family. The Scripture above says, "If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me." One day when the children and I arrived home, there was an envelope on the door.... with money inside, and this time a note included. ".....for transport to Kampala and a night's stay in the family suite at....hotel....a time of rest for your family." I just stood in awe. The kids were literally jumping up and down. Dustin was attending a seminar "Farming God'sWay" and they couldn't wait until he got home to tell him the good news. Our reservation has been made and we are planning to go this next Monday through Tuesday for a time of rest, fun, and refreshing. "Whoever believes in me.....streams of living water will flow from within him"

Thank you for letting me express my heart, full to overflowing. Not just because of the gift we have been given, but because God cares enough about us to bless us with something such as transport and hotel. He didn't have to do that. That person(we don't know who it is) didn't have to listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. We could've used the money for rent. BUT GOD is faithful to meet our needs, which include emotional and physical. If you have a need as you read this, know that God has streams of living water ready to flow into and out of your heart, if you believe. This has given us great hope....the rent will be provided and paid. This has given us hope...something to look forward to(the kids think we should pack already for a trip  still 4 days away). This has given us hope....He cares about us. Blessings on you as you read. Thank you for your support with prayers and financially. We couldn't be here without you. Next report.....AFTER the mini-vacation!

The new member of the family...Lady Faith Wooma Nuttall......a great Christmas gift from Grandpa Tony!